A good piece of home: MÖBELMEILE is a community of 16 established furniture brands operating at the heart of the furniture industry with a clear B2B focus and a range of furniture that’s ideally suited for people who appreciate furniture with a clear origin. MÖBELMEILE is a community whose doors are always open, following its principle: People – Business –Tradition.

16 MANUFACTURERS / 9 Locations

Members include companies with over 100 years of tradition as well as very successful newcomers. The origin of MÖBELMEILE goes back more than 25 years. At that time everything began with five local furniture manufacturers who wanted to bundle their marketing activities. This idea gave rise to the MÖBELMEILE association.

Achieving more together with a high level of attractiveness – that is the guiding principle of MÖBELMEILE. The common goal is to invite people to the furniture region of East Westphalia to get to personally get to know the products, exhibitions and the companies.

Personal. Entrepreneurial. Authentic.

The MÖBELMEILE is a community. That comes with a level of trust that has deepened over the years – both between us and with our trade partners. After all, business is always about person-to-person interaction. The managing directors and sales managers of the MÖBELMEILE companies are seasoned individuals who accept their entrepreneurial responsibility and live and breathe it with a passion. The MÖBELMEILE is an open community. The doors to the 16 companies are open to all visitors who share our enthusiasm for home and living and work in this wonderful industry.

Pioneering. Imaginative. Added value.

The MÖBELMEILE is a business event designed to be fun. Those who embark on the itinerary will experience 16 companies that are among Germany’s best industry partners in the furnishing sector. As an inexhaustible source of supply, the MÖBELMEILE is not only a trendsetter but also a problem solver in terms of its range of products and marketing. From large volume suppliers like 3C to the high-end sector such as Sudbrock, the MÖBELMEILE is able to satisfy the every need of buyers from the furnishing industry. The MÖBELMEILE is a place where trends are set without any pretension. Salesmanship and consumer orientation are right at the fore. It’s no longer just about the products, but about the entire value chain. The MÖBELMEILE companies offer marketing and logistics solutions that set standards in our industry. The MÖBELMEILE is open to new contacts, collaborations and distribution channels, even outside the traditional industry structures.



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Flourishing. Steadfast. Sustainable.

The MÖBELMEILE is firmly and deeply rooted in East Westphalia. It represents a centre of excellence with a great deal of experience and expertise. Even though the individual companies differ in product and price categories, they are united by their demand for quality and reliability. Some manufacturers evolved from small craft businesses generations ago and, what’s more, all MÖBELMEILE businesses are still family-owned. That’s why sustainability is not just a buzzword at MÖBELMEILE, but a commitment that is actively embraced. There are examples everywhere: heating is provided by wood chips from production, electricity comes from photovoltaic systems, and wood, a renewable raw material, is the main material processed. All in all, the MÖBELMEILE can look back on 800 years of furnishing expertise. This unique, fast-moving industrial history from East Westphalia is relevant to the whole of Europe.



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how you can get to know us

Möbelmeile Autumn
22. – 26. September 2024

In the fall, all MÖBELMEILE members open their showrooms for a whole week. The MÖBELMEILE in-house exhibition is the central point of contact for an international audience to view and experience the latest trends and innovations for the next furniture season in person. While the market is currently characterized by upheaval, MÖBELMEILE is a constant that will continue to be supported by the three pillars of “People, Business, Tradition” in 2024. Accordingly, the MÖBELMEILE campaign motto this year is: “WE ARE HERE.”

Möbelmeile Spring
01. – 03. April 2025

The “International Partner Days” of MÖBELMEILE partner Musterring have long been a fixed date in the industry calendar. Now the other members of MÖBELMEILE are also joining in and opening their showrooms again from April 01 to 03, 2025 as a versatile addition to the main trade fair in autumn – with accentuated new products, licensed themes, launch measures and top seller presentations. The timing in April is ideal for launching promotions in the current range and also for entering into discussions about the new products for 2025 at the fall trade fair.


The MÖBELMEILE showrooms are open to trade visitors beyond the trade fair days throughout the year. Simply arrange an individual appointment and experience the manufacturers’ current product ranges in their entirety live on site. To qualify sales staff, training courses are also held at our members’ premises throughout the year. Here, employees and specialist salespeople from the trade get to know the products, the exhibition, the production and the contact persons of the respective company. An ideal basis for the subsequent sales success of the products!

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